Our Name

Ocha is an Igbo (native language of the Ibo people of Southeast Nigeria) word meaning “white”. In many African and indigenous traditions, white is the color representing clarity, truth and light.

Chioma Nnaji

Chioma Nnaji
Founder and Principal Consultant
The Strategy and Engagement Guru

Who We Are

Call us OCHA for short!

We are a Black- and women-owned, justice-driven boutique firm committed to providing effective facilitation, training and one-on-one support services to leaders, organizations and communities.

Our customized approach captures a group’s “best ideas” to create a broader vision and outline realistic, measurable goals. Facilitation and engagement processes are interactive and foster creative thinking, consensus-based decision- making, and collaborative action.

Our methodology is grounded in an equity and anti-racism framework which pushes the conversation past ‘what is wrong’ to ‘what can be done about it’. We aim to ensure that our work with clients positively impacts the lives of the most marginalized communities.

How We Do Our Work

When working with OCHA, you can be assured that each service offering will have the following pillars as guiding forces.

Community and Resilience. We center the voices and experiences of community in our understanding and advancement of anti-racism, equity and justice. This includes uplifting and honoring the ways communities demonstrate strength and cultivate community assets.

Participation and Inclusivity. We value and encourage the participation of all stakeholders, in organizations and communities, and integrate their perspectives in decision-making and actions.

Reflection and Uncomfortability. We hold space for the work to be messy and uncomfortable. Engaging in conversations and action can challenge patience, knowledge and practice. Collaborative efforts involving multiple stakeholders require flexibility, and deep personal and organizational reflection.

Innovation and Tailor-Made. We identify the unique challenges and opportunities facing each organization and community, and create a planning process customized specifically to their goals and resources.

Thoughtful and Comprehensive. We create facilitation and planning efforts that capture each group’s broader vision and strategies, as well as outline actionable and measurable outcomes. All of our outputs are sensitive to project timelines, work plans, and deliverables.