OCHA brings fresh ideas, new energy and cultivates a process where clients feel supported and comfortable to do the hard work.


Have you found yourself struggling to facilitate a process with stakeholders? Do you need effective facilitation leading to meaningful and action-oriented work?  

The definition of facilitation is “to make it easy” or “ease a process.” We provide effective facilitation skills for planning, engagement and implementation processes with organizations and communities. We have deep knowledge and skills in working with an organization or community to engage stakeholders and foster a goal-driven process where each person feels welcomed, included, and valued.

Trainings + Learning Circles

Are you and your team struggling to understand a concept? Does your organization or community need a structured, welcoming space for discussing hard topics? Do you need new ways to get participants engaged in learning?

We provide customized trainings, learning circles and other formats to build the knowledge, skills, and capacity of individuals, organizations and networks to work collaboratively for racial and social justice. Subject areas are related to Racial Justice, Anti-Racism, Stakeholder Engagement, Immigrant Health, Community Partnerships, and Health Equity.

1:1 Coaching

Use this time to pick my brain! You can ask questions, receive feedback on a meeting or training agenda, review ideas, brainstorm new ideas or whatever is needed to promote your success.

Strategy Sessions

Do you want to maximize the engagement of your staff or community? Are you looking for ways to support community engagement in your initiatives? 

We provide one-on-one support for designing your meeting, conference or any activity to ensure meaningful engagement and active participation.

  • Collaborator Input
  • Engagement Strategy
  • Participatory Strategies
  • Session Time: 1 hour, 30 minutes

Sign up for a Discovery Call

We offer a complimentary 30-minutes Discovery Call to review your needs. After this initial consultation, we recommend the appropriate services.